Visualisation of a Black Hole

In the upcoming Nolan release, Interstellar, Astrophysicists and Mathematicians came together with the film’s production team to create the visualisation of a black hole. In this marriage of the natural sciences and special effects, we get a chance to see what a black hole would actually look like for the first time. Click on the link […]

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2015 International CES

Originally posted on Collective Intelligence: Lifestyle-focused conferences and exhibits produced by Living in Digital Times to highlight technology advancements in education, family connectivity, the aging population, wearable tech and fashion, fitness and health The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® today announced the full lineup of lifestyle-focused conference programming and exhibits produced in partnership with Living in Digital…

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“We reflect our culture…So when you are asked to think for yourself, you cant..”  Jacque Fresco Question, reflect and think about the reality around us.

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Chronology of the Universe

Having recently completed a Coursera course on the Big Bang and Dark Energy, I was pleasantly surprised to find a recently published video on Youtube that summarized my entire 4 week course program in one simple 3 minute video. Watch this well made video infographic to understand the elegance of our universe from it’s infinitesimally small […]

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