Bitcoin and the Blockchain: Financial Quagmire or Evolutionary Stampede.

This lecture was part of an introductory workshop on the subject of cryptocurrenies, held at the Grenoble Ecole de Management on the 19th of February 2015.
The topic of cryptocurrenies has been frequently debated, but in recent times, increasing venture capital investment indicates that the adoption of cryptocurrenies is gaining momentum. As this subject is relatively recent and complex, this lecture explains the technical underpinnings of this new technology and offers a spotlight on some of the new entrepreneurial ventures that are being launched using bitcoin and/or the Blockchain. The lecture covers a plethora of subjects and is presented in simplistic manner, which allows even first-time learners to gain a base understanding of cryptocurrenies and the associated business models. Viewers also have the option to watch selected sections of the lecture by referring the time scale below. Some of the subjects covered include:

-The Fractional Banking system (3’00” to 11’30”)
-Understanding the Internet: TCP/IP, Proof of Work, etc.; (11’45” to 18’30”)
-Bitcoin and the Blockchain: Origins of bitcoin, Byzantine generals problem, Wallets, Key-pairs, Mining, the Blockchain & the 51% attack (25’00” to 55’30”)
-Bitcoin Businesses: Micropayments, Remittances, IoT, Smart Contracts, Insurance and Prediction Markets (57’45” to 70’25” )
-Blockchain and Sidechain Businesses: Ethereum, Ripple and Autonomous Agents / DACs (71’ to 81’15”)
-New ideas: Supply Chain, Crowdfunding and La’Zooz (81’30” to 94’00”)
-Blockchain 2.0: Maidsafe, Factom and Open Garden (94’00” to 100’14” )
-Limitations and Future Implications (100’20” to 108’23” )

This technology has the potential not only to rewrite the way the internet works but also how banking, law and other essential sectors currently function. It is going to fundamentally alter our world view and touches the subjects of net neutrality and income inequality as well. Whether you watch the video or not dear visitor, I would sincerely recommend taking the time to learn about this technology sooner rather than later.


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